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You’ll find posts about sustainability in everyday life from us. We often include personal anecdotes about the trials and tribulations of living a green life in an age when everything around us seems to be going green too. You can also find educational topics discussing investment and consumer reviews.

We’ll also have posts about products and places we have found that we think are good. In the reviews, we tell you what the products or places are like and if they’re really worth your time or money. We hope to fill our blog with reviews from bloggers from all over the world.

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Mission & Vision

We are tired of continual change. We moved to Minneapolis in hopes that it’s greening would be the same. Although the City was rated #1 for overall greening, in our neighborhood it is less green than LA! We want to bring about change in our neighborhood and in our city for the good of better quality of life.

Our Goal is to move Minnesotans towards a more sustainable, greener lifestyle. Although this will eventually include all areas of what “sustainability” means, one aspect is being green with your money. The kind of green we are talking about is being environmentally friendly with your purchases. Buying green products helps the economy, the environment, and you also get good quality for your money.

Our Vision is to create a green environment where Minnesotans will be happy to live in. We want our children to grow up knowing that they are making positive changes in our world so they can lead more sustainable lives. We will do this by educating ourselves on green living and sharing our experiences with others who are willing to help out.

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